AIM International Missions

Our Story

October 2008. Two outs with runners in scoring position. The sweet scent of victory teasing the batter’s nose. He reaches for a machete to carve a nearby branch into the bat that he cannot afford. Passion flares in his eyes and he steps into the batter’s box. One final swing is all that remains. Faith, determination, love, and practice were all wrapped in that moment of truth; success was inevitable. As a father and daughter mission team pass the scene they are immediately captured by the moment.


Upon return to the U.S.A., the father and daughter brought with them excitement and plans for another trip to the Dominican Republic. Six months later, 18 people and $50,000 of donated baseball equipment were on their way to meet 700 preregistered Dominican Republic youths longing to learn about the sport they love and the God who loves them so. God was moving hearts and Athletic International Missions was born.

Today, our efforts are also linked to Biblically-based, long-term support for local volunteer coaches that teach children about Jesus. Whenever we can, we also steward our easy access to sports equipment by blessing the kids who have none.

Unlike most mission trip opportunities in difficult or dangerous conditions, AIM mission trips are kid-friendly, designed to provide fun, relaxation, and an environment for a family growth experience through serving the Lord together.

AIM is made of families doing what we can with what we have to share God’s love with kids. We discovered that cultural and language barriers fall away when athletes (and aspiring athletes) step onto the playing field and speak the international love language of play.